Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Cloisters, or, hocus-pocus

Look at the pretty kings and the precious saint
of the dark ages, my how lovely their curls
their delicate skins are so good and quaint
I adore their heavenly fashion and here are the pearls
they wore and the reliquaries they kept the left-
over lives of martyrs in, the relics of dead
men gone to Heaven like Luther who loved the bereft
but puked on the gangrened serf who was so ill-bred.
And here are the tapestries showing the murder of Christ
and the butchered unicorn myths St. George and the Dragon
Mordecai begging Charles deliver the Jews
and Arthur among bishops. And here is Jesus enticed
by the devil, refusing kingdoms and bread and pagan
rituals leaving behind his blood and his clothes.