Thursday, March 31, 2011


A knot on the wires,

a tangle in the wires,

a skeleton on the wires,

the crows on the wires.

A night cry in my skull.

A torn body in my skull.

I toss dice in my skull.

My skull is a skull.

I repeat and repeat.

I'm too frozen to repeat.

There is nothing to repeat.

There is everything to repeat.

I should start again.

I should stop again.

It has happened again.

I feel nothing again.

I shampoo my hair.

The wires are hair.

They sizzle like hair,

I feel bugs in my hair.

I wake up in the night.

I can't sleep through the night.

The night is the night.

The day is the night.

I'm too lonely to write this.

It's better to forget this.

To put this aside, this.

I don't want to end this.

But each morning I'm numb.

I get out of bed numb.

My numbness is numb.

My fingers are numb.

I know I'm alone.

I know others are alone.

I yell out alone.

They yell out alone.

The afternoon passes.

The evening passes.

The old folk have passes.

The passes have passes.

It's time to sleep.

I sleep when I sleep.

I'm too sleepy to sleep.

Is there anything asleep?